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A Family Systems Approach For Michelle Family - 1823 Words

Genogram from a Family Systems Approach for Michelle Family The most fundamental of a family is interaction. The interconnectedness among family members help to maintain a family structure. According to McGoldrick (2006), family patterns repeat from one generation to the next generation. These triangular patterns are impacting functioning, relationships, and family structure. Looking at the current and historical context of the family, the genogram illustrated some repetitive patterns in Michelle’s family. There are many intergenerational losses and lack of connections among the family members. The unresolved mourning can be traced to the generation of David’s parents. Starting from the generation of David’s parents, there were a few losses, such as miscarriage or potentially stillbirth. It is likely that David’s parents were grieving over the loss of his brother, therefore David was named after his elder brother. This may be a form of remembrance or he may be a replacement child of his elder brother. It is also likely that David’s mother; Edith did not have the space for grieving over her miscarriages that contributed to her having an affair with their best friend, Bob. At the same time, it is also likely that David’s father was sharing the same emotions as Edith. Consequently, when he lost his children and best friend, he turned to alcohol for coping. Apart from experiencing losses of siblings at a younger age, David lost his parents and wife when he is aShow MoreRelatedThe Amazing Flexible You Is A Social Thinking Curriculum For Preschool And Early Elementary Years852 Words   |  4 Pagesyears. It was adapted from Michelle Garcia’s Social Thinking curriculum that provides an interactive tool kit. The program introduces the concepts of: Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings, The Group Plan, Thinking with Your Eyes, Body in the Group, and Whole Body Listening. These concepts and related vocabulary are introduced with storybooks, music and movement, and guided play skills. The program is appropriate for students between the ages of 4 through 7. Michelle Garcia partnered up with authorsRead MoreCounseling Assessment, Interventions And Results And Follow Up882 Words   |  4 PagesBuckley’s family counseling session of Aaron and Robyn seeking counseling regarding their adolescent daughter Michelle drinking alcohol. The goal in Dr. Buckley’s family counseling session was to assist Robyn and Aaron with an effective method in how to raise Michelle. They had two different viewpoints on their daughter. Robyn felt like a single mother because she is the only parent actively involved in her daughter’s life when Aaron works a lot. Dr.Buckley’s goal to help each family members improveRead MoreConsequences Of The New Jim Crow866 Words   |  4 PagesAge of Colorblindness, author Michelle Alexander claims that the new racial caste system (New Jim Crow) in the United States is colorblind. Alexander states that colorblindness in the New Jim Crow hinders our ability to see the â€Å"racial and structural divisions that persist in society: the segregated, unequal schools, the segregated, jobless ghettos, and segregated public discourse† (241). As a country, we have become blind to the existence of this new racial caste system. The principle of colorblindnessRead MoreMax Rameau And Advocate For The Homeless1119 Words   |  5 Pageshumane approach to put a â€Å"bunch of people with no place to sleep, into a bunch of empty houses.† Rameau provides homes to families by identifying the empty homes that have longest time available before legal repercussions. Rameau essentially creates time for the family to obtain financial stability to move on to a stable (and lawful) living situation. Rameau’s approach is secretive as he calculates the response of the lending agencies and property managers against the benefits to the family andRead More Plantation and Race in the Caribbean Essay1738 Words   |  7 Pagespopulation and its social racial base make it a very difficult place to, for instance, live and raise a family. While some children may have a future because of their light complexion, the others are doomed to a life of poverty in the unforgiving culture and society of the Caribbean. Three people have taken it upon themselves to portray the Caribbean in their own ways. The opinions of Sidney Mintz, Michelle Cliff and Antonio Benitez-Rojo are made clear in their works and are discussed below in relationRead MoreThe New Jim Crow : Mass Incarceration1370 Words   |  6 Pagesmajority of Americans. Michelle Alexander, in her book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness shatters this dominantly held belief. The New Jim Crow makes a reader profoundly question whether the high rates of incarceration in the United States is an attempt to maintain blacks as an underclass. Michelle Alexander makes the assertion that â€Å"[w]e have not ended racial caste in America; we have merely redesigned it† using the criminal justice system and colorblind rhetoricRead MoreCase Study : Michelle. Travis2531 Words   |  11 PagesCase Study of Michelle Travis S. Patterson Kaplan University â€Æ' Introduction Michelle is a 32 year old heterosexual, Mexican American female. Michelle is facing the possibility of traveling down a path of no return and possibility of losing custody of her twin girls (7 year old). She was arrested last week for possession of heroin with intent to sale. She also tested positive for heroin and marijuana, which added to her charges. She has no prior history of treatment and is unwilling to partake inRead MoreWomen And Social History : Michelle2757 Words   |  12 PagesIntroduction Michelle is a 32 year old heterosexual, Mexican American female. Michelle is facing the possibility of traveling down a path of no return and possibility of losing custody of her twin girls (8 year old). She was arrested last week for possession of heroin with intent to sale. She also tested positive for heroin and marijuana, which added to her charges. She has no prior history of treatment and is unwilling to partake in treatment even though it was ordered by the court. Michelle has alsoRead MoreReflection Of Self Care ( Wellness )1472 Words   |  6 Pagesof Social Work March 1, 2016 Current Agency I am currently placed at the Salvation Army, the Haven along with four other USC MSW students: Michelle (first year), Michelle (second year), Michael (second year), and James (second year). Michelle (first year), Michael (second year), and I (first year) intern at Victory Place, while Michelle (second year) interns at Naomi House and James (second year) at Exodus Lodge. Brief History of the Agency In 1994, the Haven, which main focus wasRead MoreRacial Profiling Is A Special Case Of Discrimination800 Words   |  4 PagesIt is stated that law enforcement is required to use excessive force as a cultural norm. This â€Å"blue wall of silence† perpetuates many of law enforcements unconventional practices that often lead to many life or death situations. War on Drugs In Michelle Alexander’s â€Å"New Jim Crow† (2010), she asserts that the war on drugs is the New Jim Crow. In 1971, President Richard Nixon declare drug abuse â€Å"public enemy number one. Through the war on drugs alone we saw a soar in incarceration that habitually

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Is Your Stress Impacting Your Family Importance Of...

Is Your Stress Impacting Your Family? Importance of Caregivers Managing Personal Stress As parents and caregivers, we might not always make ourselves a priority. Daily pressures can add up, causing us to stress out. When you do start to stress out, are you able to not only recognize it, but also take steps to de-stress? A New Year signals a new beginning, so in 2016, let’s slow down and take a look internally at what we can do to understand and lower the levels of stress we experience. What is Stress? Stress is your body s way of responding to any kind of demand. It can be caused by both good and bad experiences. When we are stressed, our bodies release chemicals that signal us to react. Good stress on our body, to a point, increases productivity. However, negative stress can cause the opposite effect on our bodies. In essence, we have a breaking point after which our bodies start to signal that it’s time to pull back and relax: (Photo Credit: What Causes Stress? Stress can be brought on for a number of reasons. It’s also important to note that some instances might impact you much more than the person next to you and vice versa. For example, think about that popular ride at the amusement park. You might freak out and be scared to death about going on a ride. Your palms might sweat, your heartbeat might start spiking and maybe even your breathing becomes intense. However, your friend might be excited, laughing and having the time of his life going on theShow MoreRelateddementia unit 33 Essay5508 Words   |  23 Pagesvariant frontotemporal dementia (bvFTD) takes its greatest toll on personality and behavior. It may begin with subtle changes that may be mistaken for depression. As bvFTD progresses people often develop disinhibition, a striking loss of restraint in personal relations and social life.†¨ Primary progressive aphasia (PPA) affects language skills in early stages, but often also affects behavior as it advances. The two chief forms of PPA have somewhat different symptoms: 0 In semantic dementia, people speakRead MoreHealth, Safety and Welfare in Ecce Setting19648 Words   |  79 Pages Recommendations Bibliography â€Å"The effective functioning of child rearing processes in the family and other child settings requires public policies and practices that provide place, time, stability, status, recognition, belief systems, customs and actions in support of child rearing activities not only on the part of parents, caregivers, teachers and other professional personnel, but also relatives, friends, neighbours, co-workers, communities and the major economicRead MoreHealth, Safety and Welfare in Ecce Setting19648 Words   |  79 Pages Recommendations Bibliography â€Å"The effective functioning of child rearing processes in the family and other child settings requires public policies and practices that provide place, time, stability, status, recognition, belief systems, customs and actions in support of child rearing activities not only on the part of parents, caregivers, teachers and other professional personnel, but also relatives, friends, neighbours, co-workers, communities and the major economicRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesEditorial Services: Ashley Santora Acquisitions Editor: Brian Mickelson Editorial Project Manager: Sarah Holle Editorial Assistant: Ashlee Bradbury VP Director of Marketing: Patrice Lumumba Jones Senior Marketing Manager: Nikki Ayana Jones Senior Managing Editor: Judy Leale Production Project Manager: Becca Groves Senior Operations Supervisor: Arnold Vila Operations Specialist: Cathleen Petersen Senior Art Director: Janet Slowik Art Director: Kenny Beck Text and Cover Designer: Wanda Espana OBRead MoreMarriage Guidance: Summary Notes19959 Words   |  80 Pagescaring, deep attachment to another person. The TRIPOD of couple relationships An intimate relationship consists of three factors that form a tripod on which the relationship rests. 1. Passionate attraction (PA) 2. Mutual expectations (ME) 3. Personal intentions (PI) Passionate attractions (PA) → Individual experiences intensely pleasurable sensations when thinking about or being with a new partner. → Blushing, trembling, breathlessness, high sexual desire → Referred to as infatuation = passingRead MoreAdvancing Effective Communicationcommunication, Cultural Competence, and Patient- and Family-Centered Care Quality Safety Equity53293 Words   |  214 PagesAdvancing Effective Communication, Cultural Competence, and Patient- and Family-Centered Care A Roadmap for Hospitals Quality Safety Equity A Roadmap for Hospitals Project Staff Amy Wilson-Stronks, M.P.P., Project Director, Health Disparities, Division of Quality Measurement and Research, The Joint Commission. Paul Schyve, M.D., Senior Vice President, The Joint Commission Christina L. Cordero, Ph.D., M.P.H., Associate Project Director, Division of Standards and Survey Methods, The Joint

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Oedipus the King A Hero Essay - 756 Words

nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Throught Oedipus Rex, Oedipus displays his heroism many times. From the Prologue of the play to the moment in which he leaves Thebes, Oedipus heroics are extremely apparent; however, at the same time, the decisions which make Oedipus a hero ultimately become the decisions which bring him to shame and exile. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;From before Oedipus was born, he was doomed to kill his father and marry his mother, a very cursed fate. Throughout his life, the readers learn that Oedipus tries his hardest to avoid this dreadful proclamation; however, the gods were against him before he was even in his mothers womb, so Oedipus and the readers quickly learn that there would be no way for him to avoid†¦show more content†¦nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Oedipus is a very honest and persistent man. From the instant in which he questions Teiresias about the murder, we see that he is very persistent in trying to find the answer. Even when Teiresias begs Oedipus to stop questioning him, Oedipus forces the truth-teller to speak the truth. He goes as far as to threaten to kill Teiresias to give him the news which would accuse Oedipus as the murderer that he seeks. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Oedipus, of course, does not believe this news, and still tries to get to the bottom of this murder mystery. Each person that he questions unravels another piece of information which would eventually confirm Teiresias accusation that Oedipus was the murderer. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;No matter how many people advised Oedipus to quit the search and forget about it, Oedipus remained determined to solve the question. Teiresias, the shephard, the messenger, and his own wife advise him not to continue his investigation. When Jocaste pleads with him to stop the search, Oedipus he demands that she let him continue. These show signs of a true hero. Oedipus put the benefit of his own land before he did. If Oedipus had any thoughts that he could be the murderer, it didnt matter to him. He would not give up until he fufiled his promise to find the murderer. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;When the shephard who found Oedipus confirmed that Oedipus had killed his father, and indeed married his mother,Show MoreRelatedOedipus The King : A Tragic Hero1541 Words   |  7 PagesAristotle (384-322 B.C.) defines a tragic hero as one who possesses the characteristics of hamartia, peripeteia, anagnorisis, and that the characters fate must be greater than deserved (Else). Since the main character in Sophocles’ classic tragedy Oedipus Rex or Oedipus the King matches up to Aristotle’s definition, Oedipus certainly exemplifies what it is to be a â€Å"tragic hero.† The play’s protagonist Oedipus is revered as a good man and intelligent ruler who acts quickly to support Thebes- a cityRead MoreThe Tragic Hero Of Oedipus The King1528 Words   |  7 Pagesdescribes the tragic hero as having three components which should be present in order to influence the audience. The audience must become involved emotionally with the hero so they become fearful for his welfare or well-being. The concluding suffering of the hero draws pity from the audience. Aristotle describes this emotional transition as â€Å"catharsis† which refers to the purging or releasing of emotions. This is what Aristotle believes entices audiences to watch tragedies. The hero must also be aRead MoreTragic Hero In Oedipus The King1502 Words   |  7 PagesThe idea of a tragic hero was first thought of by the philosopher Aristotle in his work, â€Å"Poetics†. In article discussing the philosopher’s ideology of a tragic hero, with emphasis on hamartia, the author states: The function of a tragedy is to arouse the emotions of pity and fear and Aristotle deduces the qualities of his hero from this function. He should be good, but not perfect, for the fall of a perfect man from happiness into misery, would be unfair and repellent and will not arouse pity. SimilarlyRead MoreThe Tragic Hero Of Oedipus The King1156 Words   |  5 Pages The topic I chose is the tragic hero topic. There exists a number of parameters that describe a tragic hero and thus it was my desire to get to understand these parameters. It was also my desire to be in position to give the difference between normal heroes and a tragic hero and give see the main dimensions of the two figures. I preferred to work with the book by Sophocles Oedipus, the king, in order to portray the attributes of a tragic hero. The book contains adequate information concerning theRead MoreThe Tragic Hero Of Oedipus The King987 Words   |  4 PagesWhile exemplifying the high estate, noble character, and flawed nature of Aristotle’s tragic hero, Oedipus fails to have a personal mistake become his undoing, hence denying him the status of Aristotle’s tragic hero. A key criteria of Aristotle’s tragic hero is that he or she comes from high estate, such as a royal family. Aristotle’s definition of the tragic hero is well thought out in this manner. High status is important as it gives the character a long way to fall (Kennedy Gioia, 2013). ThisRead MoreThe Tragic Hero Of Oedipus And King1060 Words   |  5 Pagestheir minds, however, Oedipus and Dido lost much more than that. These were two great leaders that both, suffered by losing their reputations, their sanity, and their kingdoms. These are two great examples of what a tragic character displays, according to Aristotle’s conception. Aristotle’s definition of a tragic hero is a distinguished person occupying a high position, living in prosperous circumstances and falling into misfortune because of an error in judgment. King Oedipus and Queen Dido are tragicRead MoreOedipus The King : A Tragic Hero987 Words   |  4 PagesLike most greek tragedies, Oedipus the Ki ng had a tragic hero whose downfall was the result of a tragic flaw. Oedipus, like other greek characters, did not see his errors until his reign was coming to an end. Oedipus, the man who saved Thebes did not understand that every good thing must come to an end. A tragic hero defined by Aristotle has five characteristics that lead to their downfall and their understanding of why the situation happened. Oedipus is the ideal tragic hero because his downfall followedRead MoreOedipus the King a Tragic Hero936 Words   |  4 Pages1302-6504 Mrs.Weatherford 21 November 2011 A Tragic Hero Indeed! In Sophocles tragedy Oedipus the King, King Oedipus swears to solve the murder of former King Laios in order to free the city from the plague. The plague taunts the city destroying crops and livestock and making the women unable to bear children. A seer, Teirsias tells Oedipus that he himself is Thebes’s pollution for killing his father and marrying his mother. Oedipus ignores his words and is blind to the truth until he discoversRead MoreOedipus The King : A Tragic Hero870 Words   |  4 Pagestragedies and his most famous being performed there. While only seven of his plays have survived, many, like Oedipus the King, are still prevalent today. It definitely meets the five main criteria for a tragedy: a tragic hero of noble birth, a tragic flaw, a fall from grace, a moment of remorse, and catharsis. Oedipus the King is seen as a perfect tragedy. It features a hero with a tragic flaw, Oedipus, and highlights many common themes in Greek tragedy such as fate or destiny, love, pride, loss, the abuseRead MoreOedipus : The King Of Thebes And Tragic Hero Essay728 Words   |  3 PagesOedipus: The King of Thebes and Tragic Hero Ancient Greek Literature encompasses an assortment of poetry and drama to include the great masterpieces of tragedy. In Classic Literature, tragedies were commonly known for their elaboration of a protagonist fitting the classification of a tragic hero. This type of a tragic hero often collectively described as a character of noble birth, facing an adversity of some nature and a fate of great suffering. The characteristics of what encompassed a tragic hero

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Mobile Phones and Economic Development Disruptive Technologies

Question: Describe the factors that determine the price of mobile phone devices in a free market. In recent years, the price of an average mobile phone has continued to fall even in the face of increasing demand. Explain with the aid of a diagram how this has occurre? Answer: Introduction In the world of innovation and advancements, the expansion and growth of the mobile phones and technologies has come up to the forefront and gained huge attention and recognition due to dynamic variations in the need and preferences of the consumers. Amid these advances, cell phone devices have come up as one of the fastest adoption rates at the household level given for any technology that exist in the history of todays modern world. In fact, cell phones form a major part of a human life and important instrument of communication at todays time. In the highly competitive international as well as domestic markets, sellers are relentlessly combating with its fellow sellers or competitors to gain a competitive advantage over the other (UKEssays, 2016). They come up with various different differentiation strategies in order to woo and persuade their consumers to choose their brand in place of its competitors good. The review of literature shows us that various studies have been conducted to identify the factors that influences consumers decision thereby making their companies superior than their opponents. (Ekekwe and Ndubuisi, 2012) Throughout the world, choice of consumers, with regard to the mobile phones, are greatly influenced by varied factors. Such elements could be associated with the characteristics of the buyer and/or the features connected with the mobile phones. This induces firms in the mobile industry to come up with different series and models with some or the other unique feature in every set. In fact, empirical studies have been conducted to study the factors that influence the decision of the consumers with regard to the choice of mobile phone. Some of the few factors are cost, features, excellence, brand name, sturdiness, social factors etc (Sata, 2013). Purpose Of The Study There has been worldwide decrease in the price of the mobile phones. As per the predictions of the IDC report, it forecasts that the average selling price of I-phone is $657 and its going to further plummet to $604 by 2018. Android phones have launched high as well as low end phone in order to capture greater size of the market with the falling price. However, this declining price is should not be understood as a falling quality of the phones. With the improved technology and better production inputs, firms in the mobile industries are coming up with extremely affordable models of the cell phones that offer decent features, catering to the needs to the various section of the society. The report further suggests that in the near future, there will be a huge shift from basic sets to an affordable smartphones. Further, it is predicted that major demand is expected to come from emerging markets of the world such as India, Indonesia and China. Following diagram shows the geographic-wise s hare of the smartphones between 2012 and 2018. It is very clear that the Asia Pacific and China, the emerging markets are the ones who would capture the major market presently as well as in the future. It is also seen that there has been declining trend of the mature markets like US in the market share of the smartphones. It is because of these reasons that lower-end smartphones are likely to be the major drivers of the growth for mobile phones in the developing countries (Hamblen, 2016). Moreover, the diagram shown below also displays increasing trend in the mobile phone subscriptions in UK. It also reveals that even though the demand for such a good has been satiated in their country, they continue to supply the handsets in order to capture market at the international level. Hence, it is very obvious to them that their price must also internationally competitive and extremely affordable to its buyers as they are the emerging markets with comparatively less real disposable income i n their hand. Therefore, in this essay, an attempt has been made in order to understand the factors guiding the demand and supply of mobile phones in the domestic as well as international markets. It even attempts to explain graphically about the impact of the each factors on the demand and supply curve and ultimately on the equilibrium price and quantity. The study looks into the factors from demand-side and supply-side individually. At the end, it explains how exactly the market behaves in the event of such factors when brought into force (Hamblen, 2016). Analysis: In case of mobile phone industry, we understand the prices of the mobile phones are falling in spite of the increase in the demand for the mobile phones. This is contrary to what law of demand and supply explains to us. Here, we assume that all factors are constant except price affecting the demand and supply of the mobile phones. However, in real life, there are in fact various factors that affect the level of quantity demanded and supplied to its customers. And, when this happen, we cannot assure that the law of demand and supply would behave normally under the given circumstances. In fact, it is bound to behave in the opposite way. It is why, we are observing falling mobile prices in the face of increasing demand. We would examine few of the factors affecting demand and supply of the mobile phones. This would show how demand and supply of mobile phones affects the quantity demanded and supplied and its impact on price of the mobile phones (, 2012). The supply-side factors affecting the sale of the mobile phones are as follows: Reductions in the input prices: Input prices are an important factor determining the cost of producing the mobile phones. In case of rise in the price of the inputs, production cost would also rise and thus quantity available for sale would reduce. For instance, if a firm is using a small quantity of gold or silver in producing a phone and its cost increases, producers would not be interested to produce a higher quantity and thus supply would fall and price would increase. On the contrary, when the input prices fall, quantities supply increases Thus, marginal costs are greatly reduced and subsequently supply is augmented. Therefore, there is an enormous drop in price and quantities transacted have ascended intensely. Therefore, a decline in input overheads changes the supply curve rightward from S1 toS2 thereby increasing the equilibrium quantity from Q1 to Q2. Thus, it causes decrease in the price from P1 to P2 (Mankiw, 2007). . Number of suppliers / competitors: There are various factors other than price influences the number of sellers that operate in the market to change and thereby alter the supply curve of the mobile phones. For instance, lets presume that producers of mobile phone must follow a stringent licensing rules and if these rules are relaxed, it will be easier for more companies to enter the market and supply a particular number at each given price (Karjaluoto et al., 2005). This would cause increase in the supply, from S1 to S2, of the mobile phones in the industry, thereby causing a fall in the price from P1 to P2 and increasing the quantity supplied ( Parkin, 2013). Technology: Better technology permits companies to produce more competently with less resources to create a particular good. This way, production costs are lowered and so producers would be willing to increase the quantity producers supplied at each price. Enhanced technical know-how had a significant role in the altering the attractiveness of cell phones. With the increase in the technological improvement in the production of displays, arrays, and mobile networks as well as in the processing of electronic data has jumped frontward, there has been fall in the cost of making a phone. As a consequence, manufacturers are nowadays keen to provide additional cell phones at lesser prices. Any change in the other factors other than price affects the level of the quantity supplied at any given price. An improvement in the technology that decreases the cost of production would lead to the increase in the supply curve, causing a shift from S1 to S2, thereby making it available to the consumers at a cheaper price. More mobile phones would be available to be sold at each price than before ( Pindyck and Rubinfield, 2004). Following are the demand-side factors impacting the sale of the mobile phones: Price of the related goods: Another factor that impacts the demand for mobile phones is the price of the related goods. The goods can be substitute or complementary goods. Goods are called substitute when they can be used in place of another goods like tea and coffee. Complimentary goods are those which can be used together like a pair of socks. However, there is no close substitute for mobile phones. In fact, it has comparative advantage over fixed landlines. Therefore, if the demand increases, the demand curve shifts to the right. In many developing countries, the cost of obtaining a fixed-line is very high and this could be the reason behind a rapid increase in the demand for the mobile phones. Consumer preferences: These are the likes or dislikes that induces persons to be more inclined towards a particular good. At any price, some consumers derive more utility from a mobile phone than others. For a field executive, keeping a two handset of mobile phone is essential whereas, for many, a single set of mobile phone is sufficient. Moreover, the need of a cell phone was further increased due to the anti-social crime that takes place in the country in order to ensure that their family members are safe (Sata, 2013). Income: This is another important factor determining the level of quantity demanded of a mobile phone. For many goods, we observe that there is a direct relationship income and quality and quantity of the product he buys. Since cell phones are normal goods, its demand is likely to increase with the increase in the income. It is quite likely that a person with higher income would opt for higher end model than a basic model of mobile hand set. His ability and willingness to pay for a cell phone would determine his choice. It is also possible that there would some section of people for whom it will be not possible to buy a phone unless their income is increased. Thus, higher the level of disposable income available with the people, greater will be the demand for the particular type of a handset. Therefore, a cell phone is a normal good (Reaz Uddin, Zahan Lopa and Oheduzzaman, 2014; Mankiw 2007). Given the factors affecting the demand and supply of the mobile phones, we see that the supply curve has increased from S1 to S2 and demand curve has also increased from D1 to D2, causing a fall in the prices of the smartphones. This is illustrated in the following diagram. In the below diagram, D1 and S1 are the initial demand and supply curve and P1 and Q1 are the initial equilibrium price and quantity. After taking various characteristics influencing the demand and supply of the smartphones, we observe that there is a fall in the equilibrium price and increase in the equilibrium quantity. Source: Conclusion: It is very evident from the report that there has been universal fall in the price of the mobile phones irrespective of the increasing demand throughout the world. In fact, we observe that the traditional law of supply does not hold good here in these circumstances as the sellers are providing more even the lower price which is contrary to what law of supply tells us. It says that as the prices increases, the supply of the goods by the producer also increases, given other things are constant. But practically, in real life, we cannot keep other factors constant. These factors are bound to impact the behaviour of the sellers which is quite evident in case of the mobile phones industry discussed above. The factors discussed does influences the behaviour of the sellers. Moreover, the demand curve represents the relation between price and quantity demanded keeping other factors constant. But actually we see that there are factors that do affect the demand for the product and in the report ; we have seen how these factors impact the demand for the mobile phones by increasing to a greater extent. In fact, as per the reports, it is expected that this trend is likely to continue in the near future and we would further face a drop in the mobile phones and increasing demand and supply of it (Abraham, 2007; Mankiw , 2007) . References Abraham, R. (2007). Mobile Phones and Economic Development: Evidence From the Fishing Industry in India. Information Technologies International Development, [online] 4(1), pp.pp. 5-17. Available at: [Accessed 11 Feb. 2016]., (2012). Falling Price of Mobile Phones | Economics Help. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Feb. 2016]. Ekekwe, N. and Ndubuisi, N. (2012). Disruptive Technologies, Innovation and Global Redesign: Emerging Implications. USA: Information Science References. Hamblen, M. (2016). Smartphone prices are dropping, and will continue to dip through '18. [online] Computerworld. Available at: [Accessed 7 Feb. 2016]. Karjaluoto, H., Karvonen, J., Kesti, M., Koivumki, T., Manninen, M., Pakola, J., Ristola, A. and Salo, J. (2005). Factors Affecting Consumer Choice of Mobile Phones: Two Studies from Finland. Journal of Euromarketing, 14(3), pp.59-82. Mankiw, G , Economics: Principles and Applications, 4th edition South Western, Cengage Learning India Private Limited. (2007). Parkin, M 2013,Microeconomics, 11thedition, Prentice Hall. Pindyck, RS Rubinfeld D. 2004.Microeconomics, 6thedition,Prentice Hall. Reaz Uddin, M., Zahan Lopa, N. and Oheduzzaman, M. (2014). FACTORS AFFECTING CUSTOMERS BUYING DECISIONS OF MOBILE PHONE: A STUDY ON KHULNA CITY, BANGLADESH. International Journal of Managing Value and Supply Chains, [online] 5(2). Available at: Sata, M. (2013). Factors Affecting Consumer Buying Behavior of Mobile Phone Devices. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, [online] 4(12). Available at: [Accessed 10 Feb. 2016]. UKEssays, (2016). Why the price of computers keep falling despite increasing demand. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Feb. 2016].

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Need Potential Of Ireland Essays - Island Countries, Northern Europe

Need Potential Of Ireland Need Potential of Ireland The population of Ireland in 1998 was estimated to be 3,626,952. Included in this population were 1,800,232 males and 1,826,720 females. Ireland's population has been steadily increasing over the past ten years and is expected to grow at the same steady rate for the next five years. The increase in population has been attributed the increase in birthrate. The ratio of men to woman has made a tremendous change from year to year. Until 1996 the male population had been the greater of the two. Since 1996, the female population has dominated. In analyzing the population by age groups we find that we find that 40percent (the largest group) fall in between the ages of twenty and forty-four while 35percent are under the age of twenty and 25percent are over the age of forty-four. In taking a closer look, we find than an even smaller portion of people is over the age of sixty. This leads us to the conclusion that not many people in Ireland live over the age of sixty. Even though most of the people are Roman Catholics, there is a small Protestant minority. Throughout the Republic of Ireland freedom of worship is guaranteed. Ireland consists of central sections of lowlands, characterized by bogs and lakes and surrounded by low mountain rages that form a barrier between the lolands ad the perphery of the island. Carrantuohill (1041 miles ofbove sea level) in the McGillicuddy Reeks, a mountain range in the southwest, is the highest point on the island. The principle rivers of Ireland are the Erne and the Shannon. Ireland's economy was traditionally agricultrual until the middle 1950s when its industrial base expanded. Construction, mining, public utilities, and manufacturing now account for approximately 36 percent of the gross domestic product. Manufacturing is diversified and mining has an expanding role in the Irish econonmy as new discoveries of mineral deposits have increased mine production. Coal, lead, and zinc are very important. Agriculture is now only at 10 percent. Raising animals is the most important part of Ireland's agricultural. The major animal families being raised include cattle, sheep, hogs, horses, and poultry. Ireland principle crops are oats, barley, wheat, and potatoes. Ireland's economy is also attributed to the expanding of the country's fishing industry. Lobsters, prawns, oyesters, crawfish, and periwinkles form the bulk of the country's seafood exports. Sociology Issues

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Henry VIII essays

Henry VIII essays Born at Greenwich on the 28th January 1491, he was the second son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Henry VIII was a controversial king. Many people loved, respected, feared or hated him. This essay will investigate the evidence for and against him before deciding whether he was a good or bad king. We must remember that people had very different views to such questions back in the sixteenth century. We have a lot of evidence about Henry. Many portraits have been found of him. Some when he was young Other evidence of Henry VIII were the written documents. One example would be the SP1s, they are papers of miscellaneous public and private letters in date order. Henry loved collecting things, which is why at one point in his life he had accumulated over 50 castles and palaces. Many modern films have been made showing Henrys life. Some portray him as a loving man changing his country for the better, others portray him as a wicked money waster who had a fetish for chopping peoples heads off. Henry became King in 1509 after his eldest brother Arthur died. Henry VII left his son a country at peace, after he had fought the Battle of the Roses and won. He also left Henry a very rich treasury, as had been a King who saved most of his money and only spent what was absolutely necessary. If you look closely at the many portraits of Henry as a young man, you can see he had an exquisite taste in the latest fashion back in the renaissance. He has been described as a most handsome man, who was tall with broad shoulders, strong athletic limbs and a fair complexion which all added to his popularity with his subjects. Henry VIII enjoyed many physically challenging sports, some of his favorites were jousting and wrestling. He also had many talents one of which was his mus...

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Ethics (9 topics total Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Ethics (9 topics total - Essay Example Involuntary euthanasia refers to putting a person to death without obtaining or seeking the patient’s consent; ethically, this action is equivalent to a murder. Abortion is the process of terminating pregnancy by removing the growing fetus from the womb of a mother, which is also equivalent to ending human life. Many cultures around the world treat abortion as unethical, immoral and illegal even if it is done to avoid the growth of babies with genetic deformities. Yet, most parents opt for abortion of fetuses with abnormalities. Aborting the fetus becomes necessary in case of severe damage due to injury or any other cause; in case of abnormal growth of the embryo, which could be harmful for the mother, abortion becomes inevitable. However, abortion has received its notion as unethical action because of intentional abortion decisions taken by parents, mothers and other family members due to various other reasons such as pregnancy out of wedlock, unwanted pregnancy, early or lat e pregnancy and even due to pregnancy caused by failed contraception. For these reasons, the fetus may or may not be healthy and normal. From ethics perspective, euthanasia and abortion have attracted much debate from religious and spiritual sides, human rights activists, sociologists, and even medical professionals. In recent debate over euthanasia and abortion, sparked by Ironside who suggested euthanasia for disabled and grieving children and abortion for preventing the birth of an unwanted child or inherently disabled child (Williams, 1). Although Ironside’s advocacy for euthanasia and abortion seem the right choice in such situations, yet people do not dare to take such stand due to the ethical and moral obligations attached with human life and due to pressure from the religious, spiritual and other groups. Abortion is considered legal in most Western and some eastern countries in case of an abnormal fetus; but euthanasia is opted by very few nations. In most of the East ern nations, euthanasia is treated as strictly illegal irrespective of the patient’s condition. The argument is that ending life cannot be a solution to all sufferings; hence, euthanasia and/or abortion do not fit into the choices of humanity but only as inhuman act against fellow human beings. However, from health of the mother and wellbeing of families’ perspective, these choices seem to be, but not confirmed, ultimate answers. Works cited Feinberg, John S and Paul D Feinberg. Ethics for a Brave New World. 2nd ed. Illinois, Crossway, 2010. Williams, Zoe. Abortion and euthanasia: was Virginia Ironside right? The Guardian. 5 October 2010. Web. 28 March 2012. 2. Sexual morality Sexuality is considered as something vulgar when demonstrated or spoken about in public despite it being a natural biological process associated with growth. Ethics associated with sexuality in reality are direct ed towards sexual behavior, its constraints, and matters of approval. Sexual behavior is common in every human being, but individuals are expected to express sexual desires only with their approved partners; any